It's true, I really don't know how to better describe how I help my clients produce stunning and engaging animations for their brand...
So I'm going with Motion Design & Animation Consultant. Crafting animations for clients such as Nike, Sky, Revlon and The Disney Channel; as seen in my showreel below:

So how might you benefit from a 'Motion Graphics Consultant'?
You might be a company with an internal design department, or perhaps a smaller studio who need an extra helping hand.

Since 2015 my clients have considered me to be the Motion Graphics extension to their Marketing/Design teams.
Bypassing creative agencies on smaller animation briefs and working directly with a Motion Design professional.

Sound like what you're after?
Need further convincing? Here's a case study:

My client BW Interiors are a large, London-based fit out and refurbishment company with a turnover of over £180m.
Their internal design department consist of print designers and graphic designers who specialise in office fit-out and interior design.

Hiring a Motion Designer full-time would prove ineffective budget-wise and the ad-hoc nature of the work requirements wouldn’t justify a permanent presence in-house.

BW benefit financially by choosing TDC London Ltd to work on their animation projects.
For example; they don’t have to provide office space or the costly, specialist equipment and software required for animation.

BW benefit creatively from an external resource with over a decade’s worth of experience getting to know clients’ brands on an intimate level.

BW’s Design and Marketing Directors brief me on their animation requirements and I source the best talent for the project; be that myself or my network of hugely talented partners.

See some of the work I've done for BW here.

So if you like what you see then feel free to get in touch via email
Or indeed hop on the phone, I'm a friendly human: 07835 212 752
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